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Are you tired of trying to find the perfect digitizing company?

Welcome to Didu Embroidery Digitizing, Didu embroidery Digitizing is a embroidery punching service company.

Didu Embroidery Digitizing provides the perfect of Service, Quality and Price. All digitizing is performed domestically by a team of AWARD WINNING digitizers.

With decades of embroidery punching experience, our expert in-house digitizers have artistic and embroidery skills unrivalled in the industry. Our state-of-the-art technology and meticulous quality assurance procedures ensure our customers will always receive only tested, first quality design files, tailored for their own embroidery machine.

Didu Embroidery Digitizing is dedicated to helping commercial and home embroiderers express their creativity and develop beautiful apparel and home decorations. Offering a diverse services to meet each customer type needs and with our dedication to customer support, Didu Embroidery Digitizing is the preferred source for custom digitizing today.

* Flat rate of US$2 per 1,000.
* Minimum charge of $5. Maximum Charge of US$150
* 12-24 Hour Turnaround.
* Free format conversions.
* Free editing in most, but not all cases, until you are satisfied.
* Quality guaranteed - you will not pay if you are not satisfied.
* Supply a scan of the sew-out with every digitized design.

If you want to contact us, If you'd like to contact us, please email us at :

Didu Embroidery Digitizing

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Thank you for visiting Didu Embroidery Digitizing - We will exceed your expectations. We guarantee it.

Custom Embroidery digitizing means you send us a picture or image as an artwork and we convert that picture in to stitches. Our professionals provide fast turnaround for any custom embroidery digitizing to all clients. We are so sure of the service and quality, we offer a free trial as well. You can send a small logo or a picture of an animal, human, scenery, construction. In fact anything that you can think of and we will do the job with perfection!

Didu Embroidery Digitizing is a group of professional digitizers and designers that cater the embroidery Industry. Serving and digitizing / punching custom designs for garment manufacturers,promotion companies, embroiderers and digitizers themselves.

Choosing Needles For Your Knitting Project

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Knitting is an art from using yarn or thread to create various pieces of cloth ranging from sweaters and blankets to gloves and socks. With the use of loops and stitches strung between two needles, the cloth takes shape both by hand and by machine. Different products are made by using various types of yarn and needles, thus creating many colors, textures, and sizes.

Yarn and needles are the only absolute fundamentals of kitting. Many options are available when it comes to choosing a pair of knitting needles. For starters, you may have straight, circular needles, double-pointed, or cable needles. Straight needles are perhaps the most common type of knitting needles and will be used for a majority of basic knitting projects.
There are several things to consider when using knitting needles as well. Wider needles will produce larger loops and stitches while smaller ones will give a tighter, more compact stitch.
You will find that knitting needles are generally made out of four common materials, those being metal, wood, plastic, and bamboo. The wood and bamboo needles are rougher, therefore offering more traction and ensuring you are less likely to drop stitches. Metals needles are great for smooth, quick knitting as the yarn will slide much easier over the surface.
Straight needles are most often used for flat knitting such as blankets or scarves. They produce straight, even rows. Circular knitting needles, long and flexible with a double point, are used for flat or circular knitting. Straight double-pointed needles are also used for circular knitting but used to achieve a smaller tube such as for a collar or sock.

There you may also store something known as a needle gauge which will help you determine the size of each knitting needle.
Executive Summery by E. Sullivan

Price of Digitizing

* Flat rate of US$2 per 1,000.
* Minimum charge of $5. Maximum Charge of US$150
* 12-24 Hour Turnaround.
* Free format conversions.
* Free editing in most, but not all cases, until you are satisfied.
* Quality guaranteed - you will not pay if you are not satisfied.
* Supply a scan of the sew-out with every digitized design.

Regarding embroidery price, please email us to ask our price list.


a. No charge for simple edits. Such as removing the original edition, enlarging or decreasing the size a bit.

b. Charge US$2.5/1000 stitches for complicated edits. Such as adding some text, enlarging or decreasing the size, which is far from the original size.

c. Charge US$2.5/1000stitches for complicated edits. Such as replacing the parts of the design or adding a new part to the design.

Production Details

To achieve the best results we will need to know the following

Garment type: Shirt, hat-constructed or soft, jacket, bag, etc.

Fabric type: Denim, twill, pique, cotton, jersey, leather, fleece, barber, etc.

Fabric weight: 6oz, 8oz, 14oz, etc.

Backing and/or topping type: Cut-away, tear-away, etc.

The exact size of the design: Width x Height

The placement of the design: Left chest, front center, back, sleeve, etc.

Colors desired

Re the payment, We offer manifold fashion to our customer,

details as follow:

A: Direct transfer to our bank account by BCA, for more account number detail please contact us.

B: Via Paypal, ( www.paypal.com )

C: Western Union or others, Maybe you have better advice, please kindly contact us: didu82006@yahoo.co.id

Available Format

Wilcom ES

*.EMB, *.DST, *.EXP, *.CND, *.DSB, *.DSZ, *.100, *.KSM, *.T01, *.T03, *.T04, *.T05, *.T09, *.T10, *.T15, *.ESL, *.SSS, *.SEW, *.JEF, *.HUS, *.PES, *.PEC, *.PCS, *.PCD, *.PCQ, *.CSD, *.EMT


*.EMB, *.DST, *.T01, *.T03, *.T04, *.T05, *.T09, *.U??, *,DSZ, *.KSM, *.EXP, *.100


*.EDD, *.DST, *.DSB, *.DSZ, *.EXP, *.REC, *.ARC, *.E80, *.E00, *.PAT, *.SAS, *.PLS, *.DP, *.F1, *.DAT, *.MST, *.CAP, *.MIC, *.MIG, *.NC, *.QUT, *.QLT, *.WMF, *.EMF

Tajima DGML by Pulse


Free Download Wilcom True Sizer

Free Download Wilcom True Sizer
Wilcom TrueSizer e1.5

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Moeslem wear Design
moslem wear design
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